What is the meaning of M.G.T. & G.C.C.?

MUSLIM GIRLS’ TRAINING AND GENERAL CIVILIZATION CLASS. This was the name given to the training of women and girls in North America how to keep house, how to rear their children, how to take care of their husband, sew, cook, and in general, how to act at home and abroad.

That sounds oppressive and sexist, are you saying women should be slaves at home and that they are not allowed to find a fulfilling career?

On the contrary. We believe that all women have a right to pursue higher education and become functional and successful members of society. We believe that while accomplishing this, it is key to instil the foundational skills that will enable her to produce real success in her life and represent herself (in both home and career) as a refined and dignified ambassador of her family and Nation. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that “No Nation can rise higher than its woman.” In this sense, the female is highly regarded in the Nation of Islam as the ‘Gateway by which God will establish the Kingdom of Heaven’. Her mental development is of critical importance in the building of a Nation. Suffice to say, she is not a slave of man but rather to be honoured and revered as a creature of divinity.

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